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Why have a dog photography session?

Dog photography, is that even a thing? Well yes it is. Much the same as you would have a family portrait, why wouldn’t you want to have a beautiful picture of your four legged friend?

Ever since medieval times dogs have been revered by their owners and remembered in different ways. They were painted with their masters, or even without. At Grey’s Court the gates that border the land are named after the dogs that once lived there and at Cliveden there is even a pet cemetery where dogs thought to belong to the Astor family are buried complete with stones that mark their name and dates.

Dog photography

How wonderful is it to be able to make some beautiful memories of your dog whilst they are here with you. My photoshoots are a fun opportunity for them to just be a dog whilst I capture their personality and expressions. Imagine having a picture of them on your wall that made you smile every time you saw it. Here’s why you need a photoshoot.

To preserve a moment in time
Whether you’ve just acquired a new puppy or you have a long time companion, there will never be another ‘today’ with them so capture them just as they are, forever.

To create a memory
Are you passionate about passing on memories to your children and grandchildren? Create the perfect heirloom that can be passed on and on.

To enjoy a new experience
If you want to enjoy a new experience with your four legged friend, here’s the perfect opportunity. Whether you want to be in the photographs with them or not, it will be an experience that you will remember for all the right reasons.

If you would like to experience a dog photo session in the gorgeous Chiltern countryside, simply fill in the enquiry form and let’s get the ball rolling. What are you waiting for?

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